Error: Data structure returned is not convertible in the requested format: Only integer keys supported for array columns on base level. Unsupported string 'metadata' found for row 'array ( 'category' => 'Visitors', 'subcategory' => 'Locations', 'name' => 'Country', 'module' => 'UserCountry', 'action' => 'getCountry', 'dimension' => 'Country', 'documentation' => 'Shows which country your visitors connected from when accessing your website.', 'metrics' => array ( 'nb_visits' => 'Visits', 'nb_uniq_visitors' => 'Unique visitors', 'nb_actions' => 'Actions', ), 'metricsDocumentation' => array ( 'nb_visits' => 'If a visitor comes to your '. Try to call this method with the parameters '&format=original&serialize=1'; you will get the original php data structure serialized.